The Magic of Carroll County………

One of my favourite places is Carroll County in Virginia.
Not because it has the same name as me.

Water as clean as fresh mountain air; home to native trout streams, rare wild flowers,
natural white pine forests and unsurpassed views; an ideal environment to raise your
children; A place where people are friendly and the pace is slow; Magnet to the
fisherman, hunter, camper and nature lover; Always a reason to visit; Always a
reason to stay – You might just find yourself wanting to call Carroll County home!

Carroll County is located on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern
Virginia.  Carroll County was formed in 1842, and was named for Charles Carroll,
who at the time was the only surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Soon after the county’s founding, the county seat was permanently established in Hillsville.
Carroll County enjoys a moderate continental climate with an average rainfall of 41 inches
and an average snowfall of 20 inches.