Continuing with the G & D chord on guitar

This is the G CHORD

Beginners often learn the G chord. It was actually my favorite chord when I was a beginner.

This is due to its widespread use in many songs.

The middle finger on the 5 string should be on the third fret when playing the G chord. Meanwhile, the index finger on string 5 should be on the second fret. Meanwhile, the pinky on string 6 should be on the third fret.

A G chord can also be played by strumming all the strings. Make sure nothing is missed.

Introducing the D CHORD

Chords in the key of D are very simple to play.

Through repeated practice of these chords, fingers become familiar with the movement. ThAs they practice, their ability to switch between them becomes faster. 

Getting to grips with these guitar chords has never been easier with some guidance. Guitar teachers offer useful feedback as well. You may also wish to speak to your doctor about finger exercises. These will also help you to improve your muscle memory.

The D chord is played as follows:

String 2, fret 2 is where your index finger is located.

Finger 3 on string 3 belonged to the middle finger.

String 1, fret 3, and your third finger.

You want your fingers to be nice and arched to avoid muzzling other strings by the pads of your fingers.

Play only the D chord from string 4 down when playing the D chord.

Practise moving from one chord to another with just three chords. Try playing a song with these chords as well.

I’m learning the C, G, D chords, what are you learning?

Trying to get my fingers into the right place is so difficult in the beginning.

Here are some tips that I learned that really helped me with my finger positioning on the guitar.

Your finger and string relationship on the guitar

Building up skill is an important part of a beginner’s journey. 

Network signal systems require your brain to generate. Your fingers can’t function without your brain. Your fingers need your brain to put the frets in the right places.

In order to accomplish that, you need to understand how the strings and fretboard work. If those are there from the beginning, then you will learn faster.

It’s easy to remember that 6-1 represents them starting from the thickest to the thinnest string. There are six thick strings, and one thin string.

Along the fretboard, count the frets. The number 1 is near the tuning pegs. From there, it goes upwards.

When you learn your first chords on the guitar, you will focus on the top five frets.

This article explains some basic open chords that beginner guitarists are likely to encounter.

This is the C CHORD

You should familiarize yourself with the C chord.

In the 3rd fret of the A string, the C note is the lowest note. 3rd fingers are used to play the note. You play the 1st fret using your pinkie finger.

You will get used to playing C notes over time, although it may seem painful at first.

Strings 5 to 1 should be the focus of strumming.

As you learn more about C, you will find it more interesting. Nevertheless, the simple version of C is the best for now.

Getting started with my guitar learning

Starting at the beginning, I had to learn the basic chords.

For beginning guitar players, learn the basic chords G, C, and D

Playing the guitar is a learning process. Being able to recognize basic chords is incredibly useful as a beginner.

Know which chords require what finger placement. Select which chords should be played for the specific song.

You can learn to play chords once you’ve played a few. Guitar lessons are much easier than other instruments.

For the first time, I’m learning how to play the guitar. Many beginners do not realize how difficult it is and how much perseverance it takes.

In order to learn guitar, beginners begin by strumming and playing chords. Practicing these two things is a good idea.

I had to practice a C chord for about two months before I felt comfortable playing it. Four months passed before I felt more comfortable playing it.

If you are doing it in your own way, you will be up all night to perfect it. Here, we will guide you through the process in a step-by-step manner.

What kind of chords did you start out learning on the guitar?

What kind of songs are you into?

Do you know what kind of chords they use?

That might help you to work out where to go from there.

Hiatus on my online life

Sorry I’ve taken a hiatus from this blog. 2020 was a very tough year for me, as you know in the UK we’ve been locked down very hard. I don’t know what is like another countries. And how many people cope with it. I do you live next to a park which makes it a lot easier. But there are still lots of people that break the rules, and that makes me nervous.

The easiest way I found pass the time is to play my guitar, make my jewellery, and watch as many shows on Netflix as possible. I’m very sick of zoom. Everyone wants consume to talk to me and it’s just too much.

Now the vaccine is coming out new KS for exciting and I should really look forward to getting it and getting some normality back. But the truth is that it’s slightly scary. It feels like a lifetime ago that things places were crowded and people were next to each other. Without their masks on. I don’t really know what to make about it. Anessa elderly woman who is getting on. That was very hard to say. It’s going toTake some adjusting to.

I am looking forward to seeing my grandchildren, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them. Because of my health and the risk of them going to nursery, I’ve just not been able to see them at all. So that’s very exciting to me. Otherwise the only interactions I’ve had in the past he is mostly waving at my neighbours from a distance and we did have a summer where we did have a few garden parties but it’s not very far apart from anyone.

I’m sure once I get used to the idea of us coming out of lockdown I feel much better. I’ve spent the past you’re feeling paranoid goatee nervous about what’s going on in the UK. Luckily my pension still there and I’ve got some savings keep me going in the meanwhile. So jewellery making trying to sell them a craft fair this isn’t my main income anymore. And that makes life a lot easier. For any youngsters out there I recommend you start saving earlier and earlier. Because you just never know when the pandemic might happen.

Here is one of my favourite songs to share with you if any of you are going through a hard time.

Going through London in 2020 and learning the guitar

This year has been a very strange year for me instead. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as I regularly do.

It’s been a difficult year for us creatives being locked up in our homes.

The only thing that has really kept me going this year is learning to play the guitar.

Starting as a complete beginner is definitely not an easy journey. Especially because I’ve had no prior musical experience.

But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and something I want to do for myself.

I always have this picture of me by my fireplace (working on the fireplace part), playing the guitar, drinking a glass of mulled wine (Can’t wait for Christmas to come).

I found a guitar school in London, Guitar Tuition East London that has really helped me along the way. It was difficult at first, but the guitar teachers were super nice and supportive.

The lessons are online at the moment, which suited me well during this lockdown period. But I think they are starting to do in person guitar lessons, which I am really excited to join when things calm down some more.

If you ever want to take guitar lessons, even if you are a complete beginner, or someone more experienced. They are a really friendly bunch at the school. I’m really excited to see where my guitar learning journey takes me.

Learning Classical Dance in 2020

Classical dance is a traditional dance. It reveals the feelings through verses or dance dramatization. So very different from other dancing I’ve done.

The dancing structure is depicted by balance, poise, and accuracy of moves. Furthermore, it also portrayed by formal moves, steps, and postures.

Classical dance is acted in theatres either in gathering or solo. And it is joined by instruments with lovely outfits. It passes on a story or subject through a melodic structure composed or utilized for this type of dance. Classical dance requires calmness however well-built frame of mind. It brings composure and euphony in everyday life. And simultaneously it makes our body powerful, dynamic and fit as a fiddle.

There are various styles and types of Traditional dance like Artful dance, Ballet, Ballroom, Tango and Bharatanatyam.

Classical dance performs its job. It isn’t just the craft of exemplar of Excellence and power. But it is also an appreciation to achieve the power of divine through it. Classical dance is a type of contemplation and devotion that keeps our mind tranquil and calm.

Classical dance is the most noteworthy type of art. At the point when somebody learns classical dance, he/she will force to know the legendary tales of the culture of India. They ought to have the information on Mahabharata, Ramayana, Life of Krishna, Kalidas, etc as; classical dance is dependent on these stories. It improves his/her Insight.

Furthermore, the individual comes to know about the rich culture of India. To learn classical dance, one must be dedicated. They ought to have enough persistence. This traditional dance makes you trained and diligent. It additionally makes an individual completely fit. As traditional dance moves need absolute body movement and flawless gestures.  It will cause you to feel relaxed and fearless. Classical dances are an important part of the culture of India. Mostly classical dances originated in temples. The basic purpose of these dances is worshipping.

While I’m not religious, it’s been interesting learning about these various different types of dancing.

Each dance adapted from different areas but they have the same roots. Classical dances are the most admired type of dances all over the world.

Bharatanatyam is a type of classical dance. This type of dance includes Bhav, Rag, Ras, and Taal. Additionally, it is called as Sadir. It was routinely performed by Devadasis.

Devadasis are young ladies offered to God in the temple of Hindus of South India. The actual word meaning of Bharatanatyam is Bha, Bhava which means feelings. Ra, rag means melody notes. Ta, Taal means pattern or flow. And Natyam is a Sanskrit word used for dramatization.

Top 10 Favourite Dance Movies Of All Time

We would have included the 1937 dance movie Shall We Dance starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the list of our Top 10, but decided not to, because Fred Astaire already belongs to the dancing Hall of Fame. Also, because of limited space.

But our Top 10 Favourite Dance Movies still include one of the old legends of dance, Gene Kelly.

  1. Singing In The Rain (1952). This is considered one of the best musicals ever made, with the unforgettable scene of Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain. It also stars Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds, both old time greats.
  2. West Side Story (1961). A fight scene between a native New York gang (the Jets), and immigrant Puerto Ricans (the Sharks) are portrayed as an elaborate dance scene in this undying classic. This is definitely one of the finest musical productions of all time.
  3. Saturday Night Fever (1977). This movie set a new craze for disco dancing in the late 70’s. John Travolta’s now iconic dance to the Bee Gee’s song, You Should Be Dancing, became a classic dance move ever since that time.
  4. Grease (1978). John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John did it again in this rambunctious dance musical. Grease won People’s Choice Award for Favourite Movie (1978) and Olivia Newton-John won a People Choice Award for Favourite Motion Picture Actress.
  5. All That Jazz (1979). The film is about Bob Fosse, a gifted dancer and choreographer, and acclaimed director of the Oscar winner, Cabaret. All That Jazz showcases the originality and talent involved in Jazz dancing.
  6. Footloose (1984). This is a high school musical where Kevin Bacon’s character revolutionizes dance in what was a backward town where the elders have outlawed and forbidden dancing.
  7. Center Stage (2000). This movie takes you to the rigorous world of ballet where success is often achieved by a result of a lot of hard work and dedication. It is fictional but quite realistic.
  8. Honey (2003). This movie showcases hip-hop and free style dance with such high-energy choreography that suits the younger teenage generation. Jessica Alba, the female lead, stars as a dance instructor with Lil’ Romeo.
  9. Happy Feet (2006). This is fun-tertainment — tap dancing penguins! It is a light hearted dance musical with penguins as lead stars.
  10. Step Up (2006 – 2014). Step Up is not just a dance movie. It has become a franchise that has showcased 7 movies, all of which feature hip-hop street dancing as a genre.

What are your Top 10 Favourite Dance Movies Of All Time?

The benefits and expressiveness of Dance

It boosts cognitive performance. Unlike other forms of exercise, dance has the additional benefits of improving balance through rhythm, melody, and music. Dance challenges the brain. The brain focuses on both the constant changing of movement and recalling moves and pattern. This is an excellent form or way of mental exercise for the mind. Dance can be a social activity. The dance with friends or get shaking with others, or being around other people while dancing activity is good for your social and emotional health.

Movements and dance are extremely expressive, which can allow us to free and let loose. Movements and rhythm come naturally to people and especially kids. Not only the dance allows kids to get their energy out, but it’s also a great way to express them. It increases muscle strength and endurance because the act of dancing forces dancers muscles to resist against their body weight. Higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels can all improve. Bone strength can be increased, and boneless can be stopped or slow down. It also helps with weight control, exercises usually decrease weight. Exercise is recommended for conditions that cause chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. The people who are most reluctant to come into the studio and try to do pole dancing often get the most benefit from it.

Dance as Physical Exercise

Dance is an exercise, and a health-promoting physical activity that many people worldwide incorporate into different lifestyles today. This activity appeals to some who may not typically be active. Dance for health has become an important factor in the prevention, management in several health circumstances. Dances can be a way to stay fit for people of all shapes and sizes, having a wide range of physical and mental benefits including the good condition of the heart, lungs and increased muscular strength and motor fitness.

Physical activity has many physical and mental health outputs. Dance can improve balance and strength. It is such a great form of physical fitness because it includes movement in all planes of motion in all directions. Movements that we do in daily life like walking, jumping, cycling etc. are the perfect for physical health. These movements also cause an increase in the strength of the body and maintain the balance and equilibrium of the body. Many forms and patterns of dancing such as ballroom are well for people with limited mobility or chronic and malignant health issues.

Dancing as part of the Soul

Dance a food of the soul

Dancing may often be taken only into the category of a side passion but it is beyond just a passion, habit or hobby. Dancing is not just the movement of the body; it is the movement of the soul and a feeling that compels a person to move physically. It is a way of connecting to a person’s inner self. This connection joints the cord of the heart to a cord beyond appearance. Dancing is not the creation of a single person but an inner attribute that every person holds on this earth. Some groom with the passage of time, some lose their grip on it when they don’t practice it. As a matter of fact, it never dies within a person.

Dancing is part of natural behavior

 Whenever a person hears a melody or comes across a beat, his body naturally shifts from stillness to motion. This natural behavior signifies that dancing is in the roots of every human being no matter how much he tries to run away from it. Natural behavior always depicts reality and the true self of a human being. This is how a person’s true self is observed through his actions. A child without any instructions moves happily upon listening to a song or poem. Thinkers say, “if you want to relearn how to live, observe a baby”. This signifies the power of dancing and its ability to make us feel the nature. Apart from this, dancing is one of the remedies for people who suffer from depression or any kind of mental issue. This may give them relief and a way out to express themself. It is the best expression of feelings.

Dancing, a friend in depression

 Dancing is not only limited to joy but to sorrow as well. People dance to meditate as well. Dancing has no pattern or a specific way to move your body. It is all about expressing yourself in motion. Anyone can do this. As far as experts of dancing are concerned, they are the people who don’t give up on this natural trait and keep on grooming it to the level of mastering it and finding different styles of it for us.  There are many legendary dancers in the world who have found themselves through dancing. Dancing is the most beautiful form of art. Those who excel in it, live the best of their lives. 

Learning to dance in 2020

7 Benefits of Dancing: Why Dance???

I’m thinking of taking up dancing this year in 2020, and to motivate myself. I thought I would write down some ideas of main benefits of dancing!

I like LauDIY’s videos, and she’s inspired to think maybe dancing isn’t as hard as it seems.

I mean, dance, basically, is a coordinated series of bodily movements accompanied by music or a beat.

The accompaniment may be real (through a speaker or your earphones) or imaginary (in your head). Grace in dancing is achieved when your bodily movements move in sync with both the melody and (when possible) the words of the song.

But for non-career or non-professional dancers, who haven’t the slightest idea of dancing styles, it doesn’t matter. Dancing still allows them freedom of bodily movement. And shares the same benefits that graceful dancing does to both your body and soul.

Because dancing engages the entire body — not just the feet or the hands, but also the head — it is a form of exercise.

Here are 7 benefits of dancing:

  1. Dancing helps tone your arm and leg muscles. Dancing is more dynamic than either walking or running, because dancing incorporates a variety arm movements in any routine. Sometimes arm movements are even exaggerated.
  2. Dancing conditions your heart and lungs. This is why dancing is referred to as an aerobic form of exercise. You breathe in and breathe out in quicker succession and the repetitive body movements gets your heart rate up.
  3. Dancing helps you lose weight or maybe just maintain your already slim figure. You burn fats dancing in the same way that you do in any prolonged form of weight loss exercise. Or if you’re fit, you still burn the calories.
  4. Dancing improves your bodily coordination. Have you ever heard of the dance expression “I have two left feet”? Any person who says that lacks the bodily coordination necessary to follow routine dance steps, or is just making excuses not to dance.
  5. Dancing also improves your agility and flexibility. This aspect of dancing is beneficial to your joints and bones. Dancing helps your muscles, joints, and bones move in fluid motion.
  6. Dancing enhances your mental alertness. Dancing compels you to follow through with your body what you hear with your ears. Your mind trains itself on the beat, the rhythm. It must flow smoothly — the music flowing into movement. All elements must synchronize.
  7. Dancing promotes your mental health. Dancing makes you happy. It makes you feel good. Expressing yourself through dance movements with the sound of music, a song, or just you humming a melody, relieves your mind of stress.

Dance. It’s good for your body and soul.

Labor Day in Carroll County

Visiting Carroll County on Labor Day

Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show September 4-7, 2009HISTORY
The annual VFW Labor Day Gun Show and Flea Market is held each year in Hillsville, Virginia from Friday to Monday during the Labor Day holiday.  It attracts between 300 and 350 thousand people from all over the United States and is the largest gun show and flea market east of the Mississippi.  There is approximately 1900 to 2000 vendors that setup each year.

Glenn Jackson and Eugene Pack, two of the VFW members who were interested in collecting guns started this event in 1968.  Profits from the show was for the VFW to rebuild their building which had collapsed in 1967 under snow and ice.

The first year it attracted about 100 exhibitors from states of Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina.  The estimated value of displayed items at the show was more than $3 million.

After the second year, the show outgrew the VFW and the outdoor flea market began.  The show has also developed into a gathering place for family and friends.  Because the show is now rated as part of the top ten in the nation, it carries the advertising motto, “Hillsville, Virginia-VFW Labor Day Show-Where Collectors Collect”.

Each Year the show has more vendors and collectors.   It is a show that you have to see to believe, specially for a small town of little over 2500 in its town limits.

Five “Natural” Wonders in Carroll County, VA.

I last visited Carroll County about 4 years ago.

Blue Ridge Parkway

There are five natural wonders in Carroll County to enjoy and to promote tourism, by day or longer stays to enjoy mountain pride, scenery and more. These “naturals” are briefly noted as follows below:

  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway crosses the entire southern part of the county. This offers wonderful views and quiet scenic stops, trails and supporting features. Along the parkway are fine food, lodging, camping, farm produce, country music, golf, country stores, the Devil’s Den and more.
  2. Across another wide area is the New River State Park with Carroll County accesses for walking, biking, horseback riding and boating. This is a gem that runs over fifty miles across several counties and links the hundreds of miles of other trails in the nearby federal parks or forests.
  3. A new focus point is on mountain music – a great park area in Carroll County – the Blue Ridge Music Center. The center is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway and provides ready access to the Pipers Gap, Fancy Gap and Galax areas. The general area is often called the birthplace and soul of old time and bluegrass music.
  4. Mountain grown produce, arts, crafts, country music, information and more are all available at the Southwest Virginia Farmers Market. A new tourism center and events at the market will further enhance this. The Chamber continues to be a strong voice for agriculture, green spaces, the farmers market and producers and produce markets all over the county. Many produce markets are centered in Carroll County.
  5. At the center of the county seat – Hillsville – with the historic courthouse, museum, genealogy information center, library, new county complex, new welcome center, the Beaver Dam Walking Trail, recreation center and the Carter Pines Park and trail links. Appropriately, the Carroll County Chamber is located in the Historic Courthouse on Main Street. Stop by and visit and pick up brochures and maps on the area.

The county is open to tourism, location and investment. It is Mountain Pride for life, goods and services and more.

The Magic of Carroll County………

One of my favourite places is Carroll County in Virginia.
Not because it has the same name as me.

Water as clean as fresh mountain air; home to native trout streams, rare wild flowers,
natural white pine forests and unsurpassed views; an ideal environment to raise your
children; A place where people are friendly and the pace is slow; Magnet to the
fisherman, hunter, camper and nature lover; Always a reason to visit; Always a
reason to stay – You might just find yourself wanting to call Carroll County home!

Carroll County is located on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern
Virginia.  Carroll County was formed in 1842, and was named for Charles Carroll,
who at the time was the only surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Soon after the county’s founding, the county seat was permanently established in Hillsville.
Carroll County enjoys a moderate continental climate with an average rainfall of 41 inches
and an average snowfall of 20 inches.