Learning to dance in 2020

7 Benefits of Dancing: Why Dance???

I’m thinking of taking up dancing this year in 2020, and to motivate myself. I thought I would write down some ideas of main benefits of dancing!

I like LauDIY’s videos, and she’s inspired to think maybe dancing isn’t as hard as it seems.

I mean, dance, basically, is a coordinated series of bodily movements accompanied by music or a beat.

The accompaniment may be real (through a speaker or your earphones) or imaginary (in your head). Grace in dancing is achieved when your bodily movements move in sync with both the melody and (when possible) the words of the song.

But for non-career or non-professional dancers, who haven’t the slightest idea of dancing styles, it doesn’t matter. Dancing still allows them freedom of bodily movement. And shares the same benefits that graceful dancing does to both your body and soul.

Because dancing engages the entire body — not just the feet or the hands, but also the head — it is a form of exercise.

Here are 7 benefits of dancing:

  1. Dancing helps tone your arm and leg muscles. Dancing is more dynamic than either walking or running, because dancing incorporates a variety arm movements in any routine. Sometimes arm movements are even exaggerated.
  2. Dancing conditions your heart and lungs. This is why dancing is referred to as an aerobic form of exercise. You breathe in and breathe out in quicker succession and the repetitive body movements gets your heart rate up.
  3. Dancing helps you lose weight or maybe just maintain your already slim figure. You burn fats dancing in the same way that you do in any prolonged form of weight loss exercise. Or if you’re fit, you still burn the calories.
  4. Dancing improves your bodily coordination. Have you ever heard of the dance expression “I have two left feet”? Any person who says that lacks the bodily coordination necessary to follow routine dance steps, or is just making excuses not to dance.
  5. Dancing also improves your agility and flexibility. This aspect of dancing is beneficial to your joints and bones. Dancing helps your muscles, joints, and bones move in fluid motion.
  6. Dancing enhances your mental alertness. Dancing compels you to follow through with your body what you hear with your ears. Your mind trains itself on the beat, the rhythm. It must flow smoothly — the music flowing into movement. All elements must synchronize.
  7. Dancing promotes your mental health. Dancing makes you happy. It makes you feel good. Expressing yourself through dance movements with the sound of music, a song, or just you humming a melody, relieves your mind of stress.

Dance. It’s good for your body and soul.

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