Labor Day in Carroll County

Visiting Carroll County on Labor Day

Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show September 4-7, 2009HISTORY
The annual VFW Labor Day Gun Show and Flea Market is held each year in Hillsville, Virginia from Friday to Monday during the Labor Day holiday.  It attracts between 300 and 350 thousand people from all over the United States and is the largest gun show and flea market east of the Mississippi.  There is approximately 1900 to 2000 vendors that setup each year.

Glenn Jackson and Eugene Pack, two of the VFW members who were interested in collecting guns started this event in 1968.  Profits from the show was for the VFW to rebuild their building which had collapsed in 1967 under snow and ice.

The first year it attracted about 100 exhibitors from states of Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina.  The estimated value of displayed items at the show was more than $3 million.

After the second year, the show outgrew the VFW and the outdoor flea market began.  The show has also developed into a gathering place for family and friends.  Because the show is now rated as part of the top ten in the nation, it carries the advertising motto, “Hillsville, Virginia-VFW Labor Day Show-Where Collectors Collect”.

Each Year the show has more vendors and collectors.   It is a show that you have to see to believe, specially for a small town of little over 2500 in its town limits.

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