Carroll County

  • Labor Day in Carroll County
    Visiting Carroll County on Labor Day Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show September 4-7, 2009HISTORYThe annual VFW Labor Day Gun Show and Flea Market is held each year in Hillsville, Virginia from Friday to Monday during the Labor Day holiday.  It attracts between 300 and 350 thousand people from all over the United States … Read more
  • Five “Natural” Wonders in Carroll County, VA.
    I last visited Carroll County about 4 years ago. Blue Ridge Parkway There are five natural wonders in Carroll County to enjoy and to promote tourism, by day or longer stays to enjoy mountain pride, scenery and more. These “naturals” are briefly noted as follows below: The Blue Ridge Parkway crosses the entire southern part … Read more
  • The Magic of Carroll County………
    One of my favourite places is Carroll County in Virginia. Not because it has the same name as me. Water as clean as fresh mountain air; home to native trout streams, rare wild flowers, natural white pine forests and unsurpassed views; an ideal environment to raise your children; A place where people are friendly and … Read more