Going through London in 2020 and learning the guitar

This year has been a very strange year for me instead. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as I regularly do.

It’s been a difficult year for us creatives being locked up in our homes.

The only thing that has really kept me going this year is learning to play the guitar.

Starting as a complete beginner is definitely not an easy journey. Especially because I’ve had no prior musical experience.

But it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and something I want to do for myself.

I always have this picture of me by my fireplace (working on the fireplace part), playing the guitar, drinking a glass of mulled wine (Can’t wait for Christmas to come).

I found a guitar school in London, Guitar Tuition East London that has really helped me along the way. It was difficult at first, but the guitar teachers were super nice and supportive.


The lessons are online at the moment, which suited me well during this lockdown period. But I think they are starting to do in person guitar lessons, which I am really excited to join when things calm down some more.

If you ever want to take guitar lessons, even if you are a complete beginner, or someone more experienced. They are a really friendly bunch at the school. I’m really excited to see where my guitar learning journey takes me.

Labor Day in Carroll County

Visiting Carroll County on Labor Day

Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show September 4-7, 2009HISTORY
The annual VFW Labor Day Gun Show and Flea Market is held each year in Hillsville, Virginia from Friday to Monday during the Labor Day holiday.  It attracts between 300 and 350 thousand people from all over the United States and is the largest gun show and flea market east of the Mississippi.  There is approximately 1900 to 2000 vendors that setup each year.

Glenn Jackson and Eugene Pack, two of the VFW members who were interested in collecting guns started this event in 1968.  Profits from the show was for the VFW to rebuild their building which had collapsed in 1967 under snow and ice.

The first year it attracted about 100 exhibitors from states of Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina.  The estimated value of displayed items at the show was more than $3 million.

After the second year, the show outgrew the VFW and the outdoor flea market began.  The show has also developed into a gathering place for family and friends.  Because the show is now rated as part of the top ten in the nation, it carries the advertising motto, “Hillsville, Virginia-VFW Labor Day Show-Where Collectors Collect”.

Each Year the show has more vendors and collectors.   It is a show that you have to see to believe, specially for a small town of little over 2500 in its town limits.

Five “Natural” Wonders in Carroll County, VA.

I last visited Carroll County about 4 years ago.

Blue Ridge Parkway

There are five natural wonders in Carroll County to enjoy and to promote tourism, by day or longer stays to enjoy mountain pride, scenery and more. These “naturals” are briefly noted as follows below:

  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway crosses the entire southern part of the county. This offers wonderful views and quiet scenic stops, trails and supporting features. Along the parkway are fine food, lodging, camping, farm produce, country music, golf, country stores, the Devil’s Den and more.
  2. Across another wide area is the New River State Park with Carroll County accesses for walking, biking, horseback riding and boating. This is a gem that runs over fifty miles across several counties and links the hundreds of miles of other trails in the nearby federal parks or forests.
  3. A new focus point is on mountain music – a great park area in Carroll County – the Blue Ridge Music Center. The center is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway and provides ready access to the Pipers Gap, Fancy Gap and Galax areas. The general area is often called the birthplace and soul of old time and bluegrass music.
  4. Mountain grown produce, arts, crafts, country music, information and more are all available at the Southwest Virginia Farmers Market. A new tourism center and events at the market will further enhance this. The Chamber continues to be a strong voice for agriculture, green spaces, the farmers market and producers and produce markets all over the county. Many produce markets are centered in Carroll County.
  5. At the center of the county seat – Hillsville – with the historic courthouse, museum, genealogy information center, library, new county complex, new welcome center, the Beaver Dam Walking Trail, recreation center and the Carter Pines Park and trail links. Appropriately, the Carroll County Chamber is located in the Historic Courthouse on Main Street. Stop by and visit and pick up brochures and maps on the area.

The county is open to tourism, location and investment. It is Mountain Pride for life, goods and services and more.

The Magic of Carroll County………

One of my favourite places is Carroll County in Virginia.
Not because it has the same name as me.

Water as clean as fresh mountain air; home to native trout streams, rare wild flowers,
natural white pine forests and unsurpassed views; an ideal environment to raise your
children; A place where people are friendly and the pace is slow; Magnet to the
fisherman, hunter, camper and nature lover; Always a reason to visit; Always a
reason to stay – You might just find yourself wanting to call Carroll County home!

Carroll County is located on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern
Virginia.  Carroll County was formed in 1842, and was named for Charles Carroll,
who at the time was the only surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Soon after the county’s founding, the county seat was permanently established in Hillsville.
Carroll County enjoys a moderate continental climate with an average rainfall of 41 inches
and an average snowfall of 20 inches.